L'exploration indépendante : Films et émissions

This is a mockup of a site my students will see when they access this section of their independent exploration options in Canvas, our school's LMS.  For each suggestion there is some sort of follow-up "accountability" piece for me to give students credit, be it a reflection question or a screen shot.

Note:  On many of the videos below, you can get closed captions in French or English.  Click on the CC button (if it's available) to make closed captions appear.  Then, to change them to English, click the little gear icon to the right and click "Subtitles/CC" and if English isn't an option, click "Auto-translate" and select English from the list of languages.  If the closed captions are auto-translated, they will not be perfect, especially if the singer is speaking very fast or not clearly, but they will help you follow along.

Films et émissions - Movies and TV Shows
Below is a YouTube playlist of TV shows that you can watch in French.  Watch one of the shows and then as a follow up, tell me 3 new words you learned and three words you recognized.

Notes on some of the videos:
-"Binta and the Great Idea" is a movie about a young girl in Senegal.
-"Pit et le vaste monde" ("Peep and the big wide world") is a 1988 short animated film from Québec that was released in both French and English.
-"La fille qui détestait les livres" ("The girl who hated books") is a Canadian short film.
-"La maison du hérisson" ("The hedgehog's house") is a Canadian short film.
-"Le petit Nicolas" is a French children's TV show based on a very famous book series of the same name.
-"Zip Zip" is a French animated TV series about a trio of animals who are tired of living in the forest and move into the city disguised as house pets.
-"Magic" is  French animated TV series.
-"Téléfrançais" was a Canadian TV series in the 1980s designed to teach children French.  You may find it a bit dated and corny, but that's part of what makes it so entertaining to watch!
-"Mère et fille" ("Mother and daughter") is a French comedy series on Disney Channel France.
-"Trotro" is a French children's animated TV show.

"Miraculous:  Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir" is a French animated TV show available on Netflix and Disney+.  To get credit, watch it with either the French audio track or French subtitles, and tell me 3 new words you learned and three words you recognized.

Bandes annonces et clips - Trailers and Clips
Although not all movies and TV shows are available on YouTube to watch for free, it can be fun to watch trailers and excerpts.  Here are a few I've gathered.  Watch at least 3 clips and then as a follow up, tell me 3 new words you learned and three words you recognized.

Notes on some of the videos:
-"Le petit prince" ("The little prince") is a French TV series based off a very famous book of the same name.  You can listed to the book being read over at Contes en français.
-"Miraculous" is a French TV show aimed at kids and teens about a girl with magical powers.

Plus de films - More Movies
There are other ways to find movies to watch in French.  If there's a movie you like and you have the DVD or Blu-Ray, check the language settings to see if audio and/or subtitles are available in French.  If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, etc., look for movies that have French audio and/or subtitles. You'll often have better luck by searching for original content from those platforms (e.g. "Netflix Originals" are usually available in many languages).  If you're looking for a list of French movies, try this list.  Unfortunately, though, most of them require a purchase.  As with the other options, tell me what you watched and 3 new words you learned and three words you recognized.  Either French audio with English subtitles or French subtitles with English audio is ok - each option presents different benefits!

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