L'exploration indépendante : Pourquoi le français ?

This is a mockup of a site my students will see when they access this section of their independent exploration options in Canvas, our school's LMS.  For each suggestion there is some sort of follow-up "accountability" piece for me to give students credit, be it a reflection question or a screen shot.

Pourquoi le français ? - Why French?
Why is French such an important language in the world?  Learn about where it is spoken and its cultural impact worldwide.

Watch one or more of the videos in this playlist, then tell me 3 things you learned or 3 new reasons you learned about why French is important.

Note:  On many of the French language videos, you can get closed captions in French or English.  Click on the CC button (if it's available) to make closed captions appear.  Then, to change them to English, click the little gear icon to the right and click "Subtitles/CC" and if English isn't an option, click "Auto-translate" and select English from the list of languages.  If the closed captions are auto-translated, they will not be perfect, especially if the speaker is speaking very fast or not clearly, but they will help you follow along.

The below video is dubbed in English, but you can hear the original French version in the playlist above.

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