L'exploration indépendante : Amis et famille

This is a mockup of a site my students will see when they access this section of their independent exploration options in Canvas, our school's LMS.  For each suggestion there is some sort of follow-up "accountability" piece for me to give students credit, be it a reflection question or a screen shot.

Phone a Friend
Have a conversation - in person or via video chat or text message - with a friend or family member who speaks or who is learning French.
Follow up:  Tell me who you had the conversation with and 4 expressions that were used during the conversation.

Be the Teacher
It is a known fact that we remember things best if we can teach them to someone else.  Teach a concept we learned in class to a friend or family member who does not know French.  You might even make up a Quizlet set to test them on it!
Follow up:  Tell me who you taught the lesson to, what you taught, and what materials (songs, sites, etc.) you used to teach it.

Be the Student
Have a friend or family member who knows more French than you?  Let them teach you a concept that you haven't already learned or help you review one you'd like more practice with.
Follow up:  Tell me who taught you the lesson, and name 4 expressions you learned or feel more confident about.

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