La fête des rois, Hybrid Style

With la Fête des rois just around the corner, before break I knew I had to find a way to somehow adapt this holiday's customs to suit our current hybrid model.  In this post, I outlined how I used to introduce this holiday to my students in the past.  One of the traditions I always did was have students eat cupcakes as a stand-in for the Galette des rois.  Having students consume food in the classroom is a definite no right now, especially when many of them aren't physically there on a given day.  So, here's what I've "cooked up" for la Fête des rois.

-First, as always, we will learn about the holiday with the help of this wonderful PowerPoint available to download on TES, which I then translated into French.

Next, students will watch the video below to see what a Galette des rois looks like (as always, email subscribers will have to view the post on the blog to see it):

Then, I will read "Petit Ours Brun aime la galette des rois."  There is also a version read aloud on YouTube by a native speaker that absents students can watch:

Finally, for "le tirage des rois," I have made a spinner for each class on WordWall.  It kind of looks like a pie (or a galette des rois!), and it will randomly land on a student's name.

The student the spinner lands on will be considered to be the person who had the fève, or figurine, inside their piece of galette, making them king or queen for the day.  If the student it lands on is physically present in the room, I will don a pair of gloves and hand them a crown (provided by Burger King!) to wear.  I will not place it on their head like I have in the past.  If the student it lands on is in the other cohort and thus attending from home, they will get their crown on Thursday or Friday.  And finally, if the student it lands on is a fully virtual student, I will mail them a little certificate (because, unfortunately, a crown is too difficult to mail).

This will take up most of an hour-long hybrid lesson that I will give on Monday and Tuesday, January 4th and 5th.  The 6th is a Wednesday, and since that is our virtual day and classes are only 30 minutes long, I opted to do this in the days leading up to it.  I also have this playlist of related videos in my Independent Exploration collection for students to browse on their own:

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  1. I love reading your creative ideas. Here's another idea for a virtual tranche de la galette:


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