Hanukkah, Christmas, and Winter in the French-Speaking World

This coming week I will teach one hybrid lesson and one virtual lesson before we leave for holiday break.  I really like to share with my students what Christmas looks like in France, but this year I expanded my lesson to include information about Hanukkah in France as well as Christmas in Martinique and winter in Quebec.  First, on Monday and Tuesday, we will watch portions of the videos in the playlist below (email subscribers will need to view the post on the blog):

I combined the videos and hand subtitled them in English for students.  If you'd like access to the subtitled version, feel free to contact me.  Next, we will examine the lyrics to "Vive le vent" (Jingle Bells) in French and English as an opportunity to explore how translations are typically not done word for word, especially with songs.  Then we will listen to the song, the first video in the playlist below:

The other videos are songs students can explore independently.  At the end of class, students will see what they can remember from the lesson with this Quizizz.  On Wednesday, students have an opportunity to show off (virtually) French holiday dishes, bûche de Noël, gâteau de Hanouka, or Hutzel Wecken if they chose to prepare one, or share a photo if they prepared it in advance.  Then, students will watch this Nearpod video depicting a Christmas market in Strasbourg.  Absent students will be able to complete the activity via EdPuzzle below:

At the end of class, students will play Quizlet Live using this vocabulary set.

Do you incorporate Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter traditions into your lessons?  If so, how?

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