Introduction to YouGlish

About a month ago I was introduced to YouGlish on the French Teachers in the U.S. Facebook group.  Essentially YouGlish is a web-based tool that searches the content of YouTube videos for words or phrases that you enter in.  So, if you wanted your students to hear someone saying "Je m'appelle" in context, it searches YouTube for videos containing that bit of spoken French.  Obviously the possibilities with a tool like this are endless.  In the video I also talk about a tool called Clideo that can be used to download small sections of YouTube videos.  Here is a brief tutorial on how to use the site and how to use Clideo to save video clips that you find:

After I have had more of a chance to use this and share the results with my students, I will write a subsequent blog post.  In the meantime, how would you use YouGlish in your teaching?

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