Making a Fortune Teller to Practice Structures

So in an effort to reinforce the structure "tu es," I recently had my students make fortune tellers.  If you don't know what a fortune teller is, read all about them here.  To start with, students get a template (see below and at the bottom of the post).  On the outer corners, they write numbers in French that they can count to.  On the small triangles, they write various activities that they have learned how to say.  In the center triangles, they write compliments using positive adjectives.

Above is my example, pre-folding.

Once they have finished, they fold it up and share with their friends.  When a friend picks a number, they count to that number while opening and closing the fortune teller.  When they pick an activity, they open and close the fortune teller for each syllable.  Then they repeat before lifting up the flap to reveal the compliment.

I encouraged students to take these home and try them on their family members, especially those who have French-speaking family members.

It was a fun way to review some vocabulary!

I didn't bother putting instructions on how to fold, since most kids already know how to do it, and I was able to help those who didn't.

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