Les adjectifs positifs: A Self-Esteem Boosting Community Building Activity

I came up with the idea for this activity at the New York State Middle School Association Annual Conference in October.  At one of the sessions I attended, two of my colleagues presented on community building activities.  One of the activities they shared involved a student sitting in a chair and classmates coming up and writing positive things about them behind them on the board.  I adapted the idea a little bit for the French classroom.  I gave each student a list of positive adjectives (below), many of which they had already just learned and were practicing.  On the back of the list, I told them to each write their name.  Then they passed the sheet to the person next to them.  On the new person's sheet, they wrote one positive adjective in French, paying attention to masculine and feminine.  They continued this until everyone had a chance to write on everyone's sheet, or until we ran out of time.  At the end, each student had a nice keepsake.

Have you ever done an activity like this?

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  1. Hi! I really love this idea - What if the students don't know each other well enough to do this activity? Even if I use it as review in my level 2, some of them still don't know each other because they never had the same level 1 class together (I have two of each and sometimes they don't know each other until level 3!)

    1. Hmm, that’s a good point. Do they st least know each other well enough to say something like “polite” or “nice” about someone?


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