New YouTube Sensation: Google Translate Sings!

A colleague recently introduced me to a YouTube channel, called Google Translate Sings, run by Malinda Kathleen Reese.  Reese runs English language songs through various languages in Google Translate and then back into English again and then sings the results.  You can compare the original lyrics and the new lyrics on the screen as she sings.  While these videos don't have a huge educational value, it's worth a few minutes at the end of class to show one of these if you have the time.  I think they do a very humorous job of illustrating the limitations of this tool our students tend to rely a little too much on!  I told my students after we watched some of the videos to remember that every time they use Google Translate, this is how ridiculous they could sound!  Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Hi Samantha!

    My name is Sonya and I am currently a new teacher studying how to teach core French in the British Columbia school system. One of my lectures stressed the idea of not using google translate and letting students know it is not a good resource for french to english translations. This videos shows exactly that! Although google translate is a quick and easy way to translate words and phrases it is not always the best choice and you never know if you are getting a genuine answer. Thanks for sharing!


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