#Authres August: My Recent Finds

Since the #Authres August initiative was shared by Sara-Elizabeth of Musicuentos, tons of language teacher bloggers have been sharing their resources.  As my addition, here are a few authentic resources I've found recently:

Infographic - 25 chiffres sur Rio de Janeiro et les JO 2016
Infographic - Les français et la pause déjeuner
Infographic - Les Français et les animaux domestiques (via Recipe4Rigor)

Infographic - Les Français et les animaux domestiques (via Recipe4Rigor)

Food & Meal-Taking
Infographic - Les français et la pause déjeuner

Document - Guide des familles - rentrée 2016/2017 - Collège La Salle - Saint Laurent (pp. 3-5 have lots of schedules and dates)
Website - Bien préparer la rentrée 2016 - Official site of French government with information about all school levels (useful for all sorts of topics)

Family /Animals / Description

Monsieur Sacha Playlist on Disney Channel FR:


10 Trucs À Faire Quand On S'ennuie (via Madame's Musings)

For more #authres, read my other posts on the topic.

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