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Back in the spring my department was given a set of 10 iPads through a generous grant.  Since then, I have been blogging all about them here at the French Corner in a series I call the iPad Diaries.  Now that the posts have started to pile up, I've decided to create an index page to organize everything.  I will continue to update this as I add new posts, so if you choose to bookmark this page, you won't have to worry that it's out of date.

Index of Posts
Volume 1 - I shared how we used Kahoot! and Jot! Free with the iPads.
Volume 2 - I shared how we used Lino, Jot! Free (again), DuoLingo, and station work.  I also shared my thoughts on the SAMR model for integrating technology.
Volume 3 - I shared how we used Keynote and Jot! Free for a project.
Volume 4 - I shared how we used Kahoot! (again) Move & Match and YouTube videos.  I also shared my EdShelf resources.
Volume 5 - I shared how we used Adobe Voice to make a video for incoming students
Volume 6 - I shared how we used Adobe Voice and Creative Commons to make a video about a French-speaking country while using images legally.
Volume 7 - I shared feedback collected from students about the iPads.
Volume 8 - I shared how we used Nearpod with the iPads.
Volume 9 - I shared a presentation on the benefits of using iPads in the language classroom.
Volume 10 - I shared how I use Socrative and iPad Review Stations.
Volume 11 - I shared how I use the TinyTap app.
Volume 12 - I shared the benefits of MakeBeliefsComix and the French keyboard
Volume 13 - I shared more of the benefits of Socrative, along with Quizlet and EdPuzzle
Volume 14 - I shared a project for reinforcing the weather
Volume 15 - I shared how I used Quizlet Live with shared devices.

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Bonus!  Other Language Teachers Blogging About iPads or tablets:
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