40+ Fantastic Blog Posts of 2014

I started out 2014 with a roundup of 40 Fantastic Blog Posts from 2013.  To end the year, I've made a roundup of 40+ fantastic blog posts from 2014.  From posts about francophone culture to activities and assessments in the foreign language classroom, you'll find quite a range of articles to choose from.  Here's to a prosperous 2015!

Francophone Culture
These Photographs of Parisian Rooftops Look Like Abstract Paintings via PetaPixel
Chenonceau:  The Woman Behind the French Château via My French Life
Les rues les plus insolites de Paris via Paris ZigZag
Libération : La France d'avant et d'aujourd'hui via Géo Ado
A Look at Paris Under the Snow in the Early 1900s via BuzzFeed

Language Teacher Specific
Sample Homework Choice Systems via Musicuentos
Targeted Practice - "The Picture Activity" Game via Language Sensei
"The Club Decision" Interactive Oral Activity via Language Sensei
QR Codes in the Classroom via Musings from the Island
What Are Effective Goals and Formats for Bell Work? via Calico Spanish
My French Evolution - Part 2 - Oral Communication via Mme Mallette
Making a Fortune Teller via Spanish Plans
Too Much Grammar, Not Enough Grammar via TeachingEnglish
Renewed Teacher Philosophy Statement via Cécile Lainé
Fine-Tuning the Input via Frenchteacher
Come on Down!  The Price is Right via Frenchteacher
Interviewing Using Technology via Maris Hawkins
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution via Languages & Learning
Variations on Bingo via Ayo Bermain!
Apps & Tools to Suppost MFL & Pronunciation via ICTEvangelist
Students as Digital Curators of World Language Resources via AATFTech
Teaching Music FOR Communication via Language Coaching
Fun, Team-building & Reinforcing Learning: Using Kahoot! In Your Classes via Language Sensei
Digging Deep via Changing Phase
Revamping the Writing Assessment:  Essay to Infographic via Somewhere to Share
Breaking the Mold:  Alphabet and Numbers in Context via Language Coaching
3 Reasons Why I Blend But Don't Completely Flip via 3 Rs 4 Teachers
Effective WL Instructors via Spanish Plans
How to Use Poems with First Year Spanish Learners? via Alice Ayel

French Teacher Specific
Vu sur Twitter de janvier 2013 à septembre 2014: le top du top! via L'enseignement branché
La révolution française via Je m'appelle Madame
Tel père tel fils, c'est l'histoire d'un photomontage via Territoires de langues
Dispatch from Mrs. Potier's Class via Voyageur Héritage

General Teaching
Brain-Based Learning Techniques to Try in Your Classroom via Edudemic
90 Retailers That Offer Teacher Discounts via TeachThought
Make An Interactive Infograph Syllabus via Sra. Spanglish
Why Classroom Wall Displays Are Important via Mr. Kemp
Google Art Project and Google Cultural Institute Are Promising Tools for Common Core via EdTechTeam
Photo Series Captures the Part of a Teacher's Day You Never See via HuffPostParents
What Happens When Schools Infringe Copyright via CreativeBlogs
57 Learning Technology Tools One Middle School Teacher Depends On via TeachThought
15 Vocabulary Strategies in 15 Minutes via Learning Tasks
Are You A Truly Bad Teacher?  Here's How to Tell via The Washington Post

Language Advocacy
Why Language Skills Are Great for Business via The Guardian
Science Reveals Something Surprising About People Who Speak More Than One Language via NewsMic
15 Ideas to Increase Awareness of Your Language Program via Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input
A Call for Greater Foreign Language Education in the U.S. via HuffPost Education
How Language Seems to Shape One's View of the World via NPR Shots
Johnson:  What Is a Foreign Language Worth? via The Economist Prospero
Learn to Code?  No:  Learn a Real Language via GeekWire

Bonus:  My Most Viewed Posts of 2014
1.  20 Authentic Restaurant Menus from Francophone Countries
2.  Beg, Borrow & Steal:  7 Great Ideas from Other Blogs
3.  Un voyage virtuel à Paris:  An Authentic Task with Authentic Resources
4.  30 Reasons to Learn French
5.  Pronunciation Practice When the Teacher's Absent


  1. Thanks for including me! I can't wait to read some of these other blog posts that I haven't seen yet. Happy 2015!

    1. No problem Maris! I really enjoy all your great ideas.

  2. Wow, great collection!! Some of these I hadn't seen yet! Thanks for posting!

  3. Merci/Thanks Samantha for including me on your list - and for a great collection of posts to read!!! Somehow my subscription to your blog went away - all corrected and back on the list now. Looking forward to a great 2015!

    1. No problem Colleen, I could have added many more of yours! I can't wait to see what you'll share this year.


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