My 10 Favorite Quick Videos to Start or End Class With

We all have those classes that finish a little bit earlier than we expected.  Along with ball tosses, turn and talks, and quick games, one of the things I do sometimes is just let my students sit back for a couple of minutes and enjoy a fun YouTube video in French.  Sometimes these are videos I've previously done a lesson on, and some are just for fun (but I ask them to point out vocabulary they heard).  It depends on what part of the year we're at which ones I'll show based on the complexity of the French.  Some of these videos make great class starters too.  It's nice to show a quick video to bring their minds into French mode for the period.

It looks like YouTube's embed playlist feature is a little buggy right now, so if you're only seeing the first video below, click here to view the rest of the playlist.

In addition to these, occasionally I'll show a video from one of these two lists I compiled previously:  17 Videos That Showcase Beauty of Paris and 10 Time Lapse Videos That Showcase the Beauty of the Francophone WorldI ask the students to name off the landmarks they see.

What are your favorite short videos to show in class?

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