40 Fantastic Blog Posts from 2013

Happy New Year from the French Corner!  If you're on school break and need a little reading material, I've rounded up some of my favorite blog posts from the last year (in no particular order).  These posts range from news stories on the benefits of learning another language to cultural vignettes to ideas for the foreign language classroom.  You'll also find my top five posts of the year.

  1. Not a Cliché:  The French Love Their Bread from My French Life
  2. Authentic Input Versus Grammar Drills:  A Case Study from Cecilelaine
  3. Drawing and Gesturing:  Keep Your Students Engaged in Listening from Cecilelaine
  4. The Importance of Learning Foreign Languages from Montana Public Radio
  5. Your Mind on Languages:  How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain from Huffington Post
  6. Gallery Walk from The Comprehensible Classroom
  7. Being Bilingual:  The Neuroplastic Workout from Livingbilingual
  8. Letting Go of the Vocabulary List from Amy Lenord
  9. The Conversation Circle from Amy Lenord
  10. 15 Fun Collaboration Activities for World Language Teachers from Calico Spanish (a #langchat summary)
  11. Speaking a Second Language Delays Dementias... from NBC News Health
  12. Putting the FL in STEM from Transparent Language
  13. Peer Editing for Success from Oodles and Gobs
  14. 14 Haunting And Magnificent Vintage Photos Of Paris At Night from BuzzFeed
  15. World Languages Students Are Poppleting from Langwitches Blog
  16. I've Got a New Way to Write from The Comprehensible Classroom
  17. Exciting Syllabi from The Creative Language Class
  18. World Languages, Facebook, Pinterest, Culture and Literacy from My Languages
  19. Reading in French from Changing Phases
  20. Thinking in a Foreign Language: How to Do It and Why from Lingholic
  21. Authentic Resources + Embedded Reading from Señorita Barragán
  22. Picture Prompts from Elmundodebirch
  23. The Right & Wrong Way To Use Technology For Learning from TeachThought
  24. Fantastique French Work with StoryBird from MFL Tomlinscote
  25. The Quick Sketch & Share – Interactive Homework Review from Language Sensei
  26. Extend Your Discussion from The Comprehensible Classroom
  27. Using Google Apps to Make Interactive Stories from eTools for Language Teachers
  28. Présentations : commençons par le commencement from Territoires des Langues
  29. Translated film titles - a languages game from Dom's MFL Page
  30. Beginning of the Year: Getting to know you game from Maris Hawkins
  31. Tout le monde qui... from Je m'appelle Madame
  32. 7 familles + une from Territoires des Langues
  33. Ideas to Get Your Students to Your Site on Day 1 (or 2 or 3…) from Language Sensei
  34. Teaching Activities Created in Mentormob and EdCanvas from 3 Rs 4 Teachers
  35. Using Infographics to Promote Your Department from Ritzforeignlang
  36. Grade 5 French Stories from French at RCS Elementary
  37. Get 'Em On Their Feet from The Creative Language Class
  38. J'adore la musique francophone from Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions
  39. Design a Worksheet Homework from Frenchteacher
  40. Class Project: Reasons to Study a Foreign Language from Classroom Creativities

And to top the list off, here were my top five most viewed posts of 2013:

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