Links Roundup

I don't do many posts like this, but I've come across so many great resources lately, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you:

Le web social de 2000 à 2010

Le web social de 2000-2010 by Philippe Martin on Flickr isn't exactly current up to present day, but it's such a great authentic resource I think it still warrants sharing.

This article by GéoAdo magazine talks about a type of café recently opened in Paris where customers can enjoy the company of cats while they sip a tea or coffee.  I showed this to my students and they gave their opinions after hearing two arguments, one for and one against the concept.

La ligne du temps de la langue français, shared by En Français IF on Pinterest, shows where different writers and famous dates in history fall on the timeline of the French language.

Sept familles + une from the Territoires des Langues blog shows how to use this classic game to reinforce actions in French.

Le modèle SAMR, shared by @FrenchTeacherCA on Twitter, reminds us how to use technology effectively in the classroom.

This article from 1jour1actu talks about the changes in French schools this year and even includes interviews with students about their new routines.

The "Refreshed" World Readiness Standards, shared by Maris Hawkins, are an update (still in draft form) of the US National Standards published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages with changes to reflect Common Core State Standards.

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