Halloween Resources Roundup

With Halloween around the corner, it's time for me to share a few of my favorite resources for getting into the spirit, and those that others have shared.

At the beginning of class I give students a sheet with pictures of various Halloween items.  At the bottom is a word bank (each term starting with un, une, and des).  On the SMART Board, I have categorized the pictures into two columns, masculine and feminine.  Students write the words under the picture they think corresponds to it.  They can work with partners, but they must speak only in French (pointing to an item and guessing "Le fantôme ?").  This exercise allows me to introduce new vocabulary without just standing and having them repeat.  It also has them looking for cognates as clues.  When they run out of cognates or words they already know from previous lessons, they must look at the masculine and feminine (le, la) and the chart on the board to further narrow down their answer

I love this video.  It's a great way to reinforce the pronunciation of "C'est"!

Another great video, from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I show this as the students come in and leave.

Here are some more resources from around the web:

  • It's important for students to understand how customs in French-speaking countries differ from those in their own country (for instance, understanding what la Toussaint is).  1jour1actu has plenty of articles in their archives on Halloween and Toussaint.  You now need a free account to access the content.
  • Maria José has some videos and links to activities on her blog FLE en ESO.

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