Listening Activity for Novice Learners

I first found the above video from a great blog called FLExporations.  I love it because, while it goes by very fast, there is lots of vocabulary in it that my students already know after barely two weeks of French.  I decided this would be a great listening exercise at the end of class, but I decided it really needed some subtitles - still in French - to help the students follow along.

I went to Amara and subtitled the video in French (except the last bit, which was too fast to bother showing in class).  If you'd like to show this version in your class, click here.  You have to select French as the language underneath the video for the subtitles to appear.

After watching the video, I asked students in French what the names of the teachers of various subjects were, then I asked them to tell me what "grenouille" and "informatique" meant in English.

P.S.:  I was inspired to buy my own Playmobil set to have my students make videos with.  Once I have my students make the videos, I will share them in a subsequent post!

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