Introducing Yourself to Classmates

I'm sure many of you have your students create some sort of introductory poster at the beginning of the school year to display on the wall.  It's a simple idea but a great way to teach lots of new vocabulary and have students work on something relevant to them.  I had been using the same template for years when I decided to spruce it up this year.  I was inspired by this great post from Territoires de Langues suggesting making this activity into a mind map.  I loved the idea, but given my students' limited vocabulary at this point of the year, I had to give them more guidance.  So this is what I came up with:

Feel free to use it in your class!  Let me know what you like about it or what you might change.  Students are given a list of vocabulary terms to like or dislike and learn how to state their nationality before completing the activity.  In the center goes a picture, drawn or brought in from home.  Here's how they look on the wall:


  1. I love this idea. And what a great wall to have ready for Open House!

  2. Thanks for this post! I'd like to use it with my grade 8's who also need a lot of scaffolding this early in the year. I have a question - in the upper left, what's the top box for? Do they make a list of 3 things ex. J'aime x, y et z? I love the little blank flag spot!

    1. They have a list of things they can say they like or dislike, and they must say three things they like and two things they don't like (in addition to the musician and movie).

  3. So beautiful ! Can I share your pictures in my blog ? Thanks for this post.
    Marion Charreau


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