Avertissement: Eating Too Much Can Cause Weight Gain

I returned from my trip to Europe with plenty of French magazines to keep me up-to-date on the goings on in l'Hexagone. About a week ago, I was reading Marie France magazine, when I came across an ad for chocolate with a big warning, the type you see on ads for tobacco, at the bottom that eating too much is unhealthy, with a link for Mangerbouger.fr. I visited the site and found out that it's a resource for staying healthy through eating right and exercising. Maybe they ought to be putting these warnings in American ads. I don't know if other countries have similar programs, [readers, please share!]. I'm glad I found this site though, because I think it's a great way to introduce French culture and vocabulary about health and wellness at the same time.


  1. Hey, thanks for coming back! I am very thankful for your blogging. If it weren't for your helpful vocab and learning tools, I'd probably be drowned in despair over learning French.

    Keep on truckin!

  2. Thanks LG! I appreciate that! Even when I'm busy with schoolwork, I try to get a post in every month or so.


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