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Hello, after a long hiatus! Lately my focus has been much more on photography than blogging, but I'm trying to keep up with my blogging the best I can. Recently I went to Europe, and spent some time in France, practicing the language and picking up some awesome educational materials! 

All the pictures from France that I put on Flickr will show up on the left sidebar and I'm constantly adding more. The one item I purchased in France that didn't make it back with me was an educational book about Versailles which had games in it! The cashier forgot to put it in the bag and I didn't realize it until I got back to the hotel! I've written them but I've yet to receive a response. I got most of the books above at Printemps department store in Paris, which has an excellent children's floor. "Portraits de régions" is an adorable picture book with paintings of life in every region of France, published by La Poste. It comes with stamps too! I bought it at the post office store at the Louvre, and I had a great conversation with the man working there, who showed me all the different books they were selling and which would be most useful for a teacher. "Panique à Paris" is a beautifully illustrated mystery story with pages that pull out. "Mon premier Larousse du Monde" is another beautifully illustrated atlas/encyclopedia of the world's cultures. I think "Ton livre à écrire" is my favorite. It's intended to encourage children to write, and it comes with lots of materials like book report pages and other things I can use in the classroom. I can't wait to pore over all of this this summer!

In other news, my book, Lettres de Paris, was featured in the online newsletter of Francophilia this month with other members' books! Yay!


  1. You sound just like me . . . every trip to Paris was spent searching for children's lit treasures to bring back home. Boy, that suitcase got heavy! Sorry about your Versailles book. I'm already dying to know about the games! Love your photo :-)

    Diane from

  2. That's so neat that you picked up children's books. One of my favorite comic/children's books was the Tin Tin series. Of course, reading it in English when I was younger. But I love reading it in French now.

    Also, I just discovered the Marion Duval series. I picked up Traque A Montmartre, which is so much fun.


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