A bord d'un train / On a Train

Vocab Words

A la gare / At the Station le train = the train
le billet = the ticket
réservations = reservations
renseignements = information
la consigne automatique = the locker
le TGV (train à grande vitesse) = the TGV; high-speed train that goes through Europe
SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) = France's national railway company la voie = the track, path, or platform
le quai = the platform
le guichet = the ticket window
disponible = available
indisponible = unavailable
le kiosque = the kiosk, the newsstand
le chemin de fer = the railroad
la salle d’attente = the waiting area
rater = to miss
partir = to leave
l'horaire (m.) = the schedule
prochain(e) = next

A bord du train / On Board the Train
la voiture = the car
le compartiment = the car
le wagon = the car
la couchette = the sleeper car
le wagon-lit = the sleeper car
le siège = the seat
le contrôleur = the inspector
le conducteur = the conductor
monter dans le train = to get on the train
descendre du train = to get off the train
composter = to stamp
debout = standing up
assis/assise = seated


  1. A question: why did you choose for loose words? Language instruction is growing more and more to input in context, as it has been proven that it creates a better language intuition.

  2. LOVE the comic strip & questions! Merci :-)
    diane at foreignlanguagefun.com

  3. So cool! I can not hear it for some reason and if I try to download it,it sends me to a University website.


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