Resources for Young French Learners Part II

After publishing my last post on this subject, I realized I had left out a number of great resources so I have made a part two. I want to remind you that many of the resources in my literacy project post I did back in May are great for young learners (after all it was about encouraging student literacy in French!). Again, I encourage you to leave me some findings of your own so I can make a part three to this series! Most of these resources are games and activities.

  • Lez quizz du WebPédagogique - A great resource for older kids. These quizzes are intended for students in French schools, and they run the gamut of academic topics from the French language to mathematics to history.
  • Monument jeu d'enfant - A fun and colorful interactive game created by the French National Monument website. Discover monuments throughout the centuries, play different games at each area, and learn fun facts.
  • Copains de banlieue - An interactive story that tells the history of Paris in the early 1900s.
  • Fondation Arp Game - A flash game introducing students to artist and sculptor Jean Arp
  • Lettris - A highly addictive game of Tetris in which the play clears blocks by spelling out French words. The game can also be played in English or Portuguese.
  • Questions pour un champion - Simulation of a French game show where the player must answer a series of very difficult questions in French.
  • Didier BRAVO - A series of great French flash games!
  • TFO Machine à jeux - A plethora of educational games made by this French-speaking Ontario TV station
  • Languages Online French Games & Activities - A great selection of pre-made games and activities from a site that offers free software to create your own
  • M6 Kid - A French TV station's kids' site with games, videos, and the like
  • Zouzous - France5's section on kid's shows, with games, activities, and videos for each one.
  • - France5's site all about Tintin, the legendary bande dessinée!
  • Gulli - A great site for kids based from the TV station of the same name
  • Caillou - A French language TV show from PBS Kids
  • Babar - Fun activities for all ages at this popular elephant's home on the web
  • Astérix - Learn all about Astérix, a popular band dessinée!

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  1. Thank you for compiling these! My daughter wants to learn french as part of her interest in her heritage. My family is from Quebec, but I was never taught to speak french -being born in the USA. Now we are trying to learn together. I can't wait to share these with her.


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