Guest Post: Happy Birthday Québec!

Dusk at the Château Frontenac

Bon anniversaire! Québec City is celebrating its 400th anniversary in high style this year – with all of 2008 dedicated to festivities. And as one of North America’s oldest (and coolest) cities, Québec City has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Announcing the French Corner's Second Facebook App!

I made a new Facebook application, called French Cadeaux, and it's just for fun. It allows users to send free French-themed gifts to friends. Check it out, add it, and let me know what you think! This is my second application. My first, Random French Phrase, which displays French sentences and translations on your profile, is more educational.

Resources for Young French Learners Part II

After publishing my last post on this subject, I realized I had left out a number of great resources so I have made a part two. I want to remind you that many of the resources in my literacy project post I did back in May are great for young learners (after all it was about encouraging student literacy in French!). Again, I encourage you to leave me some findings of your own so I can make a part three to this series! Most of these resources are games and activities.

  • Lez quizz du WebPédagogique - A great resource for older kids. These quizzes are intended for students in French schools, and they run the gamut of academic topics from the French language to mathematics to history.
  • Monument jeu d'enfant - A fun and colorful interactive game created by the French National Monument website. Discover monuments throughout the centuries, play different games at each area, and learn fun facts.
  • Copains de banlieue - An interactive story that tells the history of Paris in the early 1900s.
  • Fondation Arp Game - A flash game introducing students to artist and sculptor Jean Arp
  • Lettris - A highly addictive game of Tetris in which the play clears blocks by spelling out French words. The game can also be played in English or Portuguese.
  • Questions pour un champion - Simulation of a French game show where the player must answer a series of very difficult questions in French.
  • Didier BRAVO - A series of great French flash games!
  • TFO Machine à jeux - A plethora of educational games made by this French-speaking Ontario TV station
  • Languages Online French Games & Activities - A great selection of pre-made games and activities from a site that offers free software to create your own
  • M6 Kid - A French TV station's kids' site with games, videos, and the like
  • Zouzous - France5's section on kid's shows, with games, activities, and videos for each one.
  • - France5's site all about Tintin, the legendary bande dessinée!
  • Gulli - A great site for kids based from the TV station of the same name
  • Caillou - A French language TV show from PBS Kids
  • Babar - Fun activities for all ages at this popular elephant's home on the web
  • Astérix - Learn all about Astérix, a popular band dessinée!

Resources for Young French Learners

There are so many resources on the internet for young learners of French. Many of these resources are in French and intended for young French children, but this is a great way to immerse your child without even having to leave the house. Some of these resources might work great even as far up as middle school and beginning level French classes. I know this list is only the tip of the iceberg and I encourage you to leave some suggestions of your own in the comments and I will go back in and add them here!

The French Remember 9/11

Seven years ago today a horrible tragedy happened in America, and 2,974 innocent people died. As I remember these horrific events, it is comforting to know that people all over the world are remembering with us. In an article in Paris Match called Vous et le 11 septembre, French readers recall where they were and what they were doing when they found out the news that planes had struck the Twin Towers. Many of them were very nice. The picture at left is of one of many mini flags lining the pathways along my college campus today. I helped set them up, and there is one for each person who lost his or her life.

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