Social Networking for Frenchies

It took me a long time to get on the social networking bandwagon, but now that I am on it I can't stop! Most social networks are open to anyone in the world to join but generally use an English-language interface. There are, however, social networks geared at French-speakers specifically, and even a social network geared towards Francophiles like you (presumably) and I! Before you make your foray into the "réseaux sociaux," though, you'll want to brush up on some key vocabulary - click on the speaker to hear the word spoken (further down is a list of French social networks):

réseau social=social network
réseautage social=social network
un contact=a contact
un compte=an account, a username
un mot de passe=a password
un utilisateur=a user
un profil=a profile
une communauté=a community
partager=to share
s'abonner=to subscribe
un lien permanent=a permalink
un commentaire=a comment
rédiger=to compose (post)
un lecteur=a reader
s'identifier=to login
se connecter=to login
fermer (une) session=to logout
s'inscrire=to sign up, to resister
envoyer un message=to send a message

And on to the réseaux !

  • - You may remember my interview last summer with Bertrand Hardy, shortly after he founded this network, ultimately a French version of It's a great way to find interesting links in French!
  • Le nuage des filles - Formerly just a huge link cloud linking to blogs written in French by women, the network now has all sorts of interactive goodies for French-speaking gals to enjoy.
  • Les influenceurs - A very interesting concept for a social network, where users submit items to the site which may appear on banners that other users can post on their blogs. Confused? Me too!
  • Copains d'avant - The French take on Classmates
  • Lexode - A social network just for young people
  • On va sortir ! - A place to find places in French-speaking countries to visit
  • Skyrock - Although it's available in several languages, Skyrock is first and foremost a French sensation. It calls itself the "Free people network," a vague description at best, but a quick look at the front page will tell you Skyrock has a lot in common with MySpace.
  • Francophilia - An English-language social network where French enthusiasts come to interact
  • Médias Sociaux - A blog that gives a French perspective on social networking


  1. Relevant info! A lot of this current vocab is going to come in handy for teaching teenagers. This is really a nice blog . . . I've got you on my Foreign Language Fun blogroll, and also on my latest--Learn French for Fun. You'll also be a link on the private site I maintain for my students. Keep 'em coming :-)

  2. Hello Samantha...

    I really like the info in this post... yet I have some concerns about the social network for the Québécois "Réseau urbain"... I don't know if you had a look at it, but it's kind of "grossier".

    Certainly not the place for people who are learning French! I'm open-minded and usually it takes me alot to be shocked... well, this site is "questionable"... et, de plus, j'ai honte de mes compatriotes! Mauvais français et langage vulgaire...

    But... other than that, all the info is interesting! ;-)

  3. You have a good point, Lyne! That was an oversight on my part, and I have removed that one from the list. Also, thanks Diane!

  4. Hello,

    I've always really like the set up of your site- so pleasing to look at & user friendly!

    The info is definitely relevant for these days- where social networking is everything! You are the first blog I've seen with such a topic & a great list like this!

    Really good work :)


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