How the French See It

One way to improve your understanding of the French language and culture is to watch coverage of world news in French. It's a great way to get a different perspective on something with which you are already familiar. You might hear references to things you haven't heard of before or discover the French (or the Canadians, or the Swiss, or the Belgians, etc.) see the issue quite differently than the citizens of your home country.

As an American, I am always surprised to see that election coverage here is covered as extensively as it is worldwide, and that it certainly qualifies as world news. It's quite interesting to watch other countries weigh in on the subject. Here's an interesting video, broadcast recently in light of the Olympics, about how to be understood in Beijing.

Comment se faire comprendre à Pékin?
Uploaded by FRANCE_24

France 24's Dailymotion channel (click link above) has an English and French version of most of its videos, so if you missed the gist or even a word or two, you can watch the English edition as well.

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  1. Samantha... what an interesting post! Here in Canada, we see such a phenomenon daily... depending if we're watching local, national or international news in either English or French, we always get two opposite visions (sometimes even "versions")...

    Take national elections for instance: "Les débats des chefs" are always analysed from two different point of views... it always amazes me!


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