Practice Your French Tip: French TV & Radio

You don't have to be living in France to watch television or listen to the radio in French! Many French television networks and radio stations broadcast their programs with streaming media (meaning you watch or listen to a program live through a media player) or, in the case of many television stations, episodes and news clips are available to watch after they have aired. It's a great way to practice your French (to really make the most of these sites, you will have to put your French skills to the test, because naturally they are not available in English!), and at the same time you are learning a thing or two about French culture. Explore these links to French TV and radio you can watch or listen to online. You may wish to download RealPlayer and or Windows Media Player if you don't have them already, as you may be prompted to do so in order to play much of this media.

  • Listenlive - This site has a comprehensive list of French language radio stations from all over France. Go to the site's homepage to see other radio stations from all over Europe.
  • TF1 - This popular French TV channel has trailers for movies and TV shows, news clips, and episode clips.
  • INA - View a large selection of French TV and Radio archives from throughout the 20th century!
  • RFO Radio - Listen to radio stations broadcasting to French overseas territories such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Polynesia.
  • RFO Journaux - Watch news stations broadcasting to these same territories.
  • Radio-Canada - Watch news clips from this Québécois TV station.
  • Radio-Canada Baladodiffusion - Subscribe to radio programs in the form of podcasts, which you can listen to on your MP3 player. For more on podcasts, see the upcoming post.
  • France 2 - Watch videos from this French TV station.
  • France 3 - Another French TV station.
  • France 4 - Yet another French TV station.
  • France 5 - Still another French TV station!
  • VivaCité - A Belgian radio station.
  • Musiq3 - Another Belgian radio station.


  1. You should also check out the dual French/German channel and especially their Karambolage program, which is for those learning either language.

  2. Bonjour! Je crois que par radio et dans télévision, vous avez de très bons réglages. Par cela quand nous assoyons dans un fauteuil confortable disposés à jouir d'un bon film, ou quand nous occupons notre fauteuil favori en face du téléviseur, nous comprenons rarement que, en plus du film, la série ou le documentaire que nous voyons, ou même du programme habituel de nouvelles, il y a tout un travail de production musicale qui le fera beaucoup plus attractif et intéressant à nos sens.

    Lorenzo Cortes


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