Apollinaire and the calligramme

Guillaume Apollinaire (b. Wilhelm Albert Vladimir Apollinaris Kostrowitzky) was a poet and playwright of Polish decent, but spent most of his youth in France. He was known in France in the early 20th century for his calligrammes, or poems which took the shape of their subjects. Not all his poems were calligrammes, but I had the opportunity to study these ones in high school and I wrote one as an assignment (see below). To discover more about Apollinaire, read the book Selected Writings of Guillaume Apollinaire, available on Amazon.com.

Source of some information: Poets.org

My calligramme:
This calligramme is shaped like a fleur de lys, often used as the symbol of French royalty. To learn more about the fleur de lys, read my previous post on it.


  1. Hi Samantha,

    I just discovered your blog and added it to my links. Bravo, great site.


  2. Hi Samantha,
    Neato! I'm including you on my list of blogs to follow AND sending your blog link to my daughter who just graduated with a Poli-Sci and French degree. She is now in Paris getting ready to teach a summer camp on global issues to American teens. More than that, she is loving Paris, France and all French things. She will love your site, too!


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