Study Abroad in France / Etudiez en France

Today's post is written by my friend Erin Tallman, who has studied abroad in the south of France and she has this wonderful program to recommend to you!

If you are currently taking a French language course, or would like to get started, take a semester abroad to catch an amazing cultural and linguistic experience in Aix en Provence in Southeast France. Enjoy the daily markets with fresh produce, provincial products such as herbs, clothing, mementos, and more. The university is placed in the center of the city surrounded by many cafés, boulangeries, exquisite restaurants and desserts that you will never forget. While soaking in all the glories of the region also know that the classes are credited and transferable to your home university.

Price includes: An apartment located in the city, one semester at the university “Université Paul Cézanne III Aix-Marseille for foreign students, a prepaid phone shipped to you prior to your arrival, a personal guide of the city, and excursions around southern France along with airport pickup!

One of the greatest experiences of your life for the lowest cost you will find and equal to other well known study abroad programs and only: 7,000 USD!

Contact with interest for more information: Erin Tallman at or sbj: Study in France

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