Improve Your French with Online Games

You may have considered using video games as a learning tool a little too elementary, but have you ever considered playing what the French play? Playing games in French that are intended for French-speaking audiences can greatly improve your language skills. Words games are great for vocabulary building, trivia games force you to think, and other games allow you to test your skills with instructions. A lot of the games available are French versions of American games (such as Text Twist and Text Express), but the games on these sites are conducted entirely in French. Here are some sites where you can find online games in French for free:


  1. i practice french by learning it by heart.

    i hightly suggest to practice french dictation
    i know a french site with french dictation, it s free and very usefull to practice and improve
    the pronunciation is good and slow for begginer. there is also lots of videos to improve pronunciation

  2. I'm taking a French class (i'm a freshman) and a homework option was to write on a French blog! so here i am!
    Je m'appelle Kristen, comment dit-on "i have" en francais? oh well... je have fourteen ans! j'aime to laugh! (that's how you say i like...right?) well, someday when i'm better at parle-ing francais, i'll post on this blog again, but for now,
    au revoir!

  3. "I have " in french is j'ai. well, you did pretty well. :)

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