The Fleur de Lys: How it Represents France

A fleur de lys design from my store
I have always been fascinated with the fleur de lys, ever since I learned it is considered the symbol of France. The first time I went to France, I bought a pair of very small fleur de lys earring which later fell apart and were replaced with fancier ones I found in a local jewelry shop. I'm not sure what it is about the fleur de lys I love so much. I think it's pretty, but I also think part of my fascination lies in the fact that it is very elegant and makes a beautiful print or design on jewelry (I am very into fashion). Although not exlusive or original to the French, the design has been a widely-known symbol of French royalty for centuries, probably first used after the crowning of Frankish (the predecessor to the French) King Clovis with a lilly. Modern French arms feature three fleurs de lys (the ancient design featured a pattern of many fleurs de lys). The design is supposed to by an artistic representation of a lilly flower (which is what fleur de lys means in English). The flag of Québec has four fleurs de lys in its design, and the Acadiana region in Louisiana uses the fleur de lys in its flag as well. Fleur de Lys is a popular name for businesses or establishments that claim to be elegant or French themed.

And now for a shameless plug: The French Corner Store has a number of fleur de lys themed products, including the design above, and one especially for girls.

Some articles on the fleur de lys:

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