A Dozen Ways to Practice Your French on the Weekend

Don't let the weekend slip away without one word uttered in French! No matter what level of mastery you have achieved in French, you will lose it if you don't practice as much as possible, but of course you already know that! So here are a dozen unintrusive ways to practice your French on the weekend (or any day for that matter):

1. Find the lyrics to your favorite French song and sing along to it!
2. If you don't have a favorite French song, learn La Marseillaise, the French national anthem (and even if you already know it click on the link to learn more about the song!).
3. Go to a French restaurant and communicate with the staff completely in French
4. Try setting your phone (or iPod, or TV, or computer) to French
5. Print out a recipe in French and cook it! (Advanced only!!)
6. Search for French commercials (pubs), music videos (clips), movie trailers (bandes annonces), etc. on YouTube
7. Discover a French blog in a subject you like (try browsing Blogolist or Bookmarks.fr).
8. Buy a French comic book!
9. Watch a movie in French
10. Play an online game in French
11. Browse the headlines at Le Monde
12. Never forget the best way to practice: talk to a friend in French!

What do you do to practice your French on the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. HI, Samantha.

    It looks like you posted these ideas for learning French back on August 18, 2007, and that I am the first to respond. Anyway, your ideas look great for French language learners, and speaking of listening to French language music, I wanted to point out that I have a new Net radio station that plays only French language music -- from the USA no less.

    I invite you to visit French Robot Radio (Robot Radio Francaise)
    @ quass.com

    -- I feature lyrics in real-time to every song played.

    Merci !
    Brian Q
    Program Manager


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