Vélib' - An alternative to the métro

In an effort to make the city of lights a little "greener," la Mairie de Paris has recently launched a new program called Vélib' (a corruption of "vélo" and "liberté"), in which bicycles will be parked at different stations around town for tourists and locals alike to ride around town free of charge for the first 30 minutes. Just like the Métro, you can subscribe to Vélib' or pay per use. When you're done, leave the bike at another station closer to your destination. This reminds me of the campus cruisers that appear on my college campus during the spring, yellow bicycles which students can ride anywhere on campus. I guess I am just left wondering why the logo looks like a child drew it?


  1. I'm not sure whether I would feel safe cycling in Paris! It's bad enough here in Grenoble...there are plenty of cycle lanes but motorists don't seem to realise they're there!

  2. I agree...cycling in any big city seems a bit dangerous


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