Lexicon of French Geography

It is difficult enough to learn the geography of a foreign country, without foreign terms popping up everywhere. French geography is very particular, so here is a list of terms that might come in handy while exploring the different regions of France on this website.

Arrondissement - District; a division of a department.

Canton - A division of an arrondissement.

Capital - Capital city of a region or country.

COM - Collectivité d'Outre-Mer; a French "community" overseas.

Commune - A division of a canton; a city or town.

Département - A division of a region, similar to a county.

DOM - Département d'Outre-Mer; a French colonie overseas.

Municipal Arrondissement - A division of a large metropolitan city (only existant in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille).

POM - Pays d'Outre-Mer; a French "country" overseas.

Préfecture - Capital city of a department.

Région - Main divisions in France, similar to states but much smaller.

TOM - Térritoire d'Outre-Mer; a French territory overseas.

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