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Comic books are much more mainstream in France than they are in the United States. Stateside, it's considered a hobby. Across the pond, it's just like picking up a book! There are a number of different types of comic books for different age groups, but some have more credibility than others. Here's a look at a few of my favorite French comic book series:

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Astérix: Where to begin with Astérix? Firstly, one could argue that his series is the most educational since he is loosely based on the Gauls during the time of the Roman empire, though you'll have to overlook the humor to actually learn anything from these. His friend Obélix appears with him and also has his own comic book series. The series takes place during the Roman empire and characters are modeled after different cultures of the time. A number of animated and live action films have been made based on the series, as well as an amusement park.

Tintin: Tintin is definately my favorite comic book character! He is a young detective (licensed, I'm not so sure about) who always has a big adventure to go on in each book, and he brings along his adorable dog Milou! The products available from Tintin range from plush animals to small figurines, and of course movies and TV shows! You'll be rooting for Tintin when you pick up one of these books!

Star Academy: Star Academy is like American Idol in France, only better. The comic book series chronicles the lives of the finalists each season as the all live in a château together. Of course, the series is fictional, but it's a great way to cash in, combining a popular show with a popular pastime. It's amusing if you watch the show, otherwise, it's quite confusing.

Iznogoud: Iznogoud is a humorous series about a grand vizier (second to the caliph) living in Baghdad many years ago. All he wants to do is overthrow the caliph Haroun el Poussah, and he is, much to his chagrin, always unsuccessful. A couple years ago, Michael Youn starred in the live action adaptation of this series, which, aside from being quite humorous, also had an excellent soundtrack.

Titeuf: I first discovered Titeuf on a box of cookies I bought in France that were shaped like characters from the series. I decided to buy a book and I was pleasantly surprised. Titeuf is a young boy who, in his comic books and hybrid comic-text novels, discovers the world around him, from a young child's perspective. His inaccurate observations are quite humourous. Titeuf has, like so many before him, jumped the TV series bandwagon so if reading alone doesn't fill your desire, subscribe to French cable and toon in every day!

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